Ultrasound-Guided Steroid Injection of the Pisotriquetral Joint: A Multidisciplinary Effort

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From the perspective of a multidisciplinary team, the authors describe the first reported use of ultrasound guidance for steroid injection into the pisotriquetral joint to relieve wrist pain of a person with spinal cord injury undergoing acute inpatient rehabilitation. Musculoskeletal ultrasound guidance was used to improve the accuracy of a corticosteroid injection of the pisotriquetral joint and the basal thumb in a 70-year-old man with paraplegia experiencing multifocal degenerative wrist pain. There was no bleeding or bruising after the injections, and the patient reported complete pain resolution 1 wk after the injections, which continued for over 1 yr. A multidisciplinary team was key in diagnosis, selection of treatment, and evaluation of treatment effect. Corticosteroid injection of the pisotriquetral joint under ultrasound guidance can be used as a treatment modality for managing wrist pain stemming from that joint. Further investigation and studies evaluating the use of ultrasound versus other imaging modalities for injection of the wrist are indicated.

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