Amplification of RAPD markers from single pollen grains of diploid ( 2N = 2X =24) potato
Evaluation of potato varieties and selections for resistance to bacterial soft rot
Distribution of tobacco rattle virus in tubers of resistant and susceptible potatoes and systemic movement of virus into daughter plants
Soft rot and blackleg reactions in diploid potato hybrids inoculated with Erwinia spp.
Simplified extraction method for ELISA and PCR detection of potato leafroll luteovirus primary infection in dormant potato tubers
Colorado potato beetle resistance management strategies for transgenic potatoes
Factors contributing to the blackspot bruise potential of Idaho potato fields
Effects of nitrogen fertilization and in-row seedpiece spacing on yield of three potato cultivars in Prince Edward Island
The Potato Association of America 82nd Annual Meeting Fargo, North Dakota July 25-30, 1998
Dexter Richard Douglas 1937-1999