Colorado Potato Beetle Resistance to Insecticides
Validation of a Simple, Colorimetric, Microplate Assay using Amplex Red for the Determination of Glucose and Sucrose in Potato Tubers and other Vegetables
Effectiveness of Early-season, Single Applications of Azoxystrobin for the Control of Potato Black Dot as Evaluated by Three Assessment Methods
Periclinal Chimeral Status of New Brunswick ‘Russet Burbank' Potato
Price Volatility of Idaho Fresh Potatoes: 1987-2007
Determining the Importance of Combining Ability for Late Blight Resistance in Early Generations of Potato Breeding When Susceptible Clones are Discarded
Genotypic and Environmental Contributions to Baked Potato Flavor
Relationship Between Pink Eye Symptoms and Cell Damage in the Tuber Periderm and Cortex