Aggressiveness of Streptomyces on Four Potato Cultivars and Implications for Common Scab Resistance Breeding
Evaluation of Nitrogen Supply Rate Measured by in situ Placement of Plant Root Simulator™ Probes as a Predictor of Nitrogen Supply from Soil and Organic Amendments in Potato Crop
Genetic Consequences of Clonal Versus Seed Sampling in Model Populations of Two Wild Potato Species Indigenous to the USA
A Description of Seed Potato Systems in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia
Surfactant Impact on Nitrogen Utilization and Leaching in Potatoes
Unbalanced Bulk of Parents' Seed does not Cause Significant Drift in Germplasm Regeneration of Two Model Potato ( Solanum ) Species Populations
Validation of ST-LS1 as an Endogenous Reference Gene for Detection of AmA1 and cry1Ab Genes in Genetically Modified Potatoes using Multiplex and Real Time PCR
Freedom Russet—A Dual Purpose Russet Potato Cultivar with Resistance to Common Scab and Good Fry Quality
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