Introduction to 2009 Symposium on Alternative Methods of Controlling Pests and Diseases
Managing Soilborne Disease of Potatoes Using Ecologically Based Approaches
Insect Pest Control on Potato: Harmonization of Alternative and Conventional Control Methods
Managing Weeds in Potato Rotations Without Herbicides
Toward Sustainable Potato Production: Experience with Alternative Methods of Pest and Disease Control on a Commercial Potato Farm
Sprout Suppressing Residue Levels of 1,4dimethylnaphthalene (1,4DMN) in Potato Cultivars
The Economics of Irrigated Potato Crop Rotation in Manitoba
Clearwater Russet: A Dual-Purpose Potato Cultivar with Cold Sweetening Resistance, High Protein Content, and Low Incidence of External Defects and Sugar Ends
Cost Considerations in Choosing Group Size for Group Testing in the Seed Potato Certification Program