Skin Color, Scab Sensitivity and Field Performance of Lines Derived from Spontaneous Chimeras of Red Norland Potato
Evaluation of In-Row Plant Spacing and Planting Configuration for Three Irrigated Potato Cultivars
Germplasm Release: Tetraploid Clones with Resistance to Cold-Induced Sweetening
Efficiency of Arbitrarily Amplified Dominant Markers (SCOT, ISSR and RAPD) for Diagnostic Fingerprinting in Tetraploid Potato
Stability and Broad-sense Heritability of Mineral Content in Potato: Zinc
Suitability of Molecular Markers for Selection of Potatoes Resistant to Globodera spp
Alpine Russet: A Potato Cultivar Having Long Tuber Dormancy Making it Suitable for Processing from Long-term Storage
A Novel Class of Simple PCR Markers with SNP-Level Sensitivity for Mapping and Haplotype Characterization in Solanum Species
The Effects of Dormancy Status on the Endogenous Contents and Biological Activities of Jasmonic Acid, N-(jasmonoyl)-Isoleucine, and Tuberonic Acid in Potato Tubers
An Environmental Model Predicting Bacterial Ring Rot Symptom Expression