Quality Improvement Research: Utilization of the SQUIRE Guidelines
Facilitating Knowledge Translation in the “Real World” of Community Psychiatry
How Persons With Chronic Hepatitis C in Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Think About Depression and Interferon Therapy
A Clinical Translation of the Research Article Titled “How Persons With Chronic Hepatitis C in Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Think About Depression and Interferon Therapy”
Mind to Care and a Future of Hope
Announcement: The Annual Publication of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Conference Paper Presentation Abstracts
Stalking Savvy: How College Students Cope With Stalking
Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Forensic Clients: The Response of Forensic Nurses and Opportunities for Mental Health Nurses
Optimizing Tobacco Cessation Interventions for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses
An Introduction to Brain Stimulation Modalities With a focus on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and the Emerging Roles of Psychiatric Nurses
The Dynamics of Disease
Psychiatric Intensive Care for Acutely Suicidal Adolescent Patients: A Shift From Observation to Engagement
Diversionary Care: Community Crisis Stabilization as the Treatment Model for the Future
Adolescent Experiences With Ambient Therapy
Recovery-Inspired Assault Prevention: How to Empower Staff and Clients to Understand the Relationship Between Recovery Principles and Decreased Assault
A Shared Distance Learning Curriculum in Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing and Advanced Practice Public Health Nursing
The Hormonal Roller-Coaster Ride Is Real: The Role of Hormonal Shifts in Treatment and Recovery
Beyond Postpartum Depression: Daily Stress and the Mental Health Burden of Mothers of Older Children
Strategies for Reduction of Seclusion and Restraints on a Child/Adolescent Unit
Issues and Challenges for Psychiatric Nurses as They Integrate Genetic Core Competencies Into Their Clinical Practices
Coping Strategies of Family Members of Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients
Pediatric Telepsychiatry: An Effective Alternative to Traditional Face-to-Face Treatment
Fathers, Daughters, and Anorexia Nervosa: A Literature Review
Advocating for Culturally Competent Care for the Mentally Ill Deaf Client
The Lived Experience of Mothers Who Have Lost Their Children as a Result of Homicide
The Use of Theory and Core Competencies to Inform the Practice of Assessing and Managing Suicidality
Psychiatric Nurse Report on the Quality of Inpatient Psychiatric Care in General Hospitals
Transference and Countertransference: Freud to 2010
Appreciative Inquiry: An Overview of the AI Process
The EARN Initiative: Structured Rounding in Psychiatry
CODE Acronym Model: An Organized Response to Behavioral Health Emergencies
Developing Genetic Education for Smoking Cessation
“No Tobacco”: A Strategy for Inpatient Care Settings
A Case Exemplar of Nursing Consultation Promoting the Evolution of Graduate Education
Nurse-Directed Care Model in a Psychiatric Hospital: A Model for Clinical Accountability
Using Standardized Patients and Unfolding Cases to Teach Clinical Interviewing Skills
Fall Risk in Patients With Acute Psychosis
Interpersonal Community Psychiatric Treatment (ICPT): A Structured Community Psychiatric Nursing Intervention Program for “Difficult” Patients With Long-Term Nonpsychotic Disorders
When the Student Is the Patient: Managing Boundaries
Development and Implementation of an Evidence-Based Alcohol Withdrawal Order Set for Use With Hospitalized Patients
Rabbit Syndrome: A Rare and Often Unrecognized Medication-Induced Oral Dyskinesia
Practical Strategies for Providing an Evidence-Based Therapy, COPE (CBT Skills Building Therapy), to Depressed Adolescents in Primary Care, Community, and Mental Health Settings
Research Decision Making in Medication Choice: An Emerging Best Practice in Mental Health
Characteristics of Hospitalized Patients With Multiple Seclusion and Restraint Events
Consumer Experts Informing Our Practice
Effectiveness of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills Building Intervention (COPE) With Depressed Adolescents in Community Mental Health Settings
The Effects of a Parent Educational Intervention on AD/HD Symptoms in School-Age Children
Crisis Alleviation Lessons and Methods
Film: Better , One Woman's Journey Through Seclusion and Restraint
It's Cycling, Not Polarity— Understanding and Diagnosing the Bipolar Spectrum
Sibling Violence State of the Science: It Is Time for Mandatory Reporting
Correlates of Postpartum Depression in Diverse, Low-Income Women
The Social Cognitive Deficits of Schizophrenia: Impact on the Nurse-Patient Relationship
Hearing the Voice of Hospitalized Patients Through Photovoice
The Unheard Cry of Depressed Men
Imprisoned With Mental Illness: Emerging Trends and Responsive Nursing Care for Clients With a History of Incarceration
Steps Toward Recovery? The Self-Described Benefits of Participation in a Walking Group Program for Persons With Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
Staff Involvement in Psychiatric Renovation Project Improves Patient Care Experience, Ensures Safety, and Enhances Staff Engagement
Magnet Nurses Embrace Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) to Increase Patient Safety Standards
Motivational Interviewing as a Teaching Method to Increase the Self-Efficacy of Accelerated BSN Students During Their Mental Health Clinical Experience
Assessment of Chronic Pain in Older Adults With Cognitive Impairment: Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Implications
The Reduction of Seclusion and Restraint in the University of Michigan Emergency Service With the Introduction of 24/7 Nurse Staffing
A Decade of Transformation: Seclusion and Restraint Reduction Techniques and Triumphs 10 Years Later
Why Do We Teach It This Way? Undergraduate Practicum Assignments for Students Studying Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
Translating Research on Resilience and Gaming to Adolescent Mental Health Promotion
Survivors of Sexual Violence and Altruism: Helping Others as a Response to Sexual Violence
Simulation Learning Outcomes in Psychiatric Nursing
Safe Detox in a Jail Setting
Vision 2020: Focusing on Evidence for Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Interventions
Falls Study in an Inpatient Acute Psychiatry Unit (RN)
Diabetes Knowledge and Caregiving Experiences Among Family Members of People With Schizophrenia and Diabetes Mellitus (RN)
Patterns of Healing in Boys Who Experience Being Bullied: Findings From a Phenomenological Study (RN, APRN)
A Community Mental Health Clinical Project to Promote Mental Health, Engage Undergraduate Students, and Serve the Community (RN, APRN)
Igniting Passions: Examining Social Justice Issues in an Undergraduate Mental Health Nursing Course (APRN)
A Structured Format to Evaluate Evidence for Applying Psychiatric Nursing to Nonpsychiatric Settings: Unit-Based Journal Clubs (RN, APRN)
Reducing Restraint Use Through Patient-Centered Care Interventions in the Acute Psychiatric Milieu (RN)
Alcoholic Denial: A Concept Analysis and Pursuit of a Theoretical Definition (RN, APRN)
Online Evaluation of a Multidrug-Resistant Organisms Educational Program: Does Your Behavioral Health Hospital Measure Up? (RN, APRN)