Assertive Community Treatment: Evidence Based Hope for the Seriously Mentally Ill
Focus Issue Reviewer Acknowledgment
The TMACT: A New Tool for Measuring Fidelity to Assertive Community Treatment
The TMACT: A New Tool for Measuring Fidelity to Assertive Community Treatment: A Clinical Translation
The TMACT: Evidence Based or Eminence Based?
Established and Emerging Elements in the TMACT: Measuring Fidelity to an Evolving Model
A Review of Consumer-Provided Services on Assertive Community Treatment and Intensive Case Management Teams: Implications for Future Research and Practice
The Efficacy of Assertive Community Treatment to Treat Substance Use
Does Assertive Community Treatment Increase Medication Adherence for People With Co-occurring Psychotic and Substance Use Disorders?
Assertive Community Treatment and the Physical Health Needs of Persons With Severe Mental Illness: Issues Around Integration of Mental Health and Physical Health
Transforming Assertive Community Treatment Into an Integrated Care System: The Role of Nursing and Primary Care Partnerships
Barriers to Vocational Effectiveness in ACT: Staff Perspectives
Practitioner Attributes as Predictors of Restrictive Practices in Assertive Community Treatment
Program Planning and Staff Competencies for Forensic Assertive Community Treatment: ACT-Eligible Versus FACT-Eligible Consumers