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Reducing Stigma Among NP Students of Varying Disciplines With the Use of Standardized Patient Simulation
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Caregiver Occupational Stress First Aid (COSFA): A Potentially Life-Saving Tool
Screening for Depression at a Nurse-Managed Diabetic Community Health Center: A Retrospective Study
Developing a Roadmap for Interprofessional Education in Community-Based Mental Health Sites: Learning the Landscape, Signposts, Detours, and Reaching the Destination
REAACH—Recognizing Every Adolescent's Ability to Climb Higher—A Therapeutic Framework for Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry Units
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“United We Stand, Divided We Fall”: The Development of a New Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit in a Large Tertiary Pediatric Facility
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Cognitive Enhancement Therapy: An Innovative Evidence-Based Practice That Improves Social Cognition, Vocational Success, and Physical Health
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