In This Issue
The Genetics of Schizophrenia
When Not Enough Is Too Much
A New Approach to Integrating Data From Multiple Informants in Psychiatric Assessment and Research
Schizophrenia, V
The Salpêtrière Hospital
The Schizophrenia Phenotype in 22q11 Deletion Syndrome
Genetic Boundaries of the Schizophrenia Spectrum
Lateralization of Auditory Sensory Gating and Neuropsychological Dysfunction in Schizophrenia
Reduced Cortical Folding in Schizophrenia
Smaller Cerebellar Vermis But Not Hemisphere Volumes in Patients With Chronic Schizophrenia
Effects of Elevated Serum Prolactin on Bone Mineral Density and Bone Metabolism in Female Patients With Schizophrenia
Deficient Attentional Modulation of the Startle Response in Patients With Schizotypal Personality Disorder
Effects of Environmental Enrichment at Ages 3–5 Years on Schizotypal Personality and Antisocial Behavior at Ages 17 and 23 Years
Relationship of Birth Cohort and Early Age at Onset of Illness in a Bipolar Disorder Case Registry
Are Gender Differences Important for the Clinical Effects of Antidepressants?
A Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Aripiprazole in Patients With Acute Bipolar Mania
Depression Severity and Drug Injection HIV Risk Behaviors
Cigarette Smoking in Relation to Depression
Disabilities, Quality of Life, and Mental Disorders Associated With Smoking and Nicotine Dependence
Who Comes to Voluntary, Community-Based Alcohol Screening? Results of the First Annual National Alcohol Screening Day, 1999
Use of Mental Health Services by Veterans With PTSD After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11
High Blood Monocyte Counts and Neopterin Levels in Children With Autistic Disorder
Anatomic Brain Abnormalities in Monozygotic Twins Discordant for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Association of Rapid Mood Switching With Panic Disorder and Familial Panic Risk in Familial Bipolar Disorder
Association of Dopamine Transporter Loss in the Orbitofrontal and Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortices With Methamphetamine-Related Psychiatric Symptoms
Peritraumatic Reactions Associated With the World Trade Center Disaster
Enhanced Cellular Immune Response in Women With PTSD Related to Childhood Abuse
Prognosis of Anorexia Nervosa
Dr. Steinhausen Replies
Healing the Soul in the Age of the Brain
The Emotional Revolution
Psychiatric Illness in Women
Violence and Gender Reexamined
Ethics, Culture, and Psychiatry
Fighting for Mental Health
Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research
Neuropsychological Interventions