Instrumentation and computer technology
Computer Technology
The modern minicomputer in laboratory automation
Real-time computing in psychology at the University of Colorado
A general-purpose computer system for a research and development center
Time-shared control systems
Interfacing the experimenter to the computer
Computer graphics in research
Instrumentation and techniques in physiological psychology
Recent NASA contributions to biomedical telemetry
Two-way transdermal communication with the brain
Intravenous preparations for self-administration of drugs by animals
Cardiovascular psychophysiology
Methods and procedures for monitoring and recording blood pressure
Some interactive computer applications in a physiological psychology laboratory
Minicomputers in the signal-averaging laboratory
Sensory Information Systems
Eye-movement measurement techniques
An advanced eye-movement measuring and recording system
A wide-screen projection system for human performance studies
The laser as a research tool in visual system investigation
The laser optometer and some implications for behavioral research
The art of tactile communication
Clinical and Applied Research Techniques
Of bread, circuses, and alpha machines
Biofeedback instrumentation
The computer as clinician
The use of on-line computer technology in a mental health admitting system
Microwaves and behavior
Electroanesthesia and electrosleep
The potential of acupuncture for the behavioral sciences
Direct measurements of genital responding
Radio telemetry in clinical psychology and related areas
Psychological aspects of aeronautical flight simulation
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