About This Special Issue
CHAMPUS ten-state claim experience for mental disorder
The anatomy of psychotherapy under national health insurance
Does including psychotherapy in health insurance represent a subsidy to the rich from the poor?
Including psychotherapy in national health insurance
Supplement to Listing of APA-Approved Doctoral and Internship Training Programs
Redistributive aspects of psychotherapy's inclusions in national health insurance
Avenues to legislative success
Colorado Medicare study
Psychology and the Carter Administration
Meta-analysis of psychotherapy outcome studies
Psychotherapeutic interventions in physical health
The EdD psychologist
Another influence on the direction of school psychology
Relationship between articles read and reprints requested
PhD or PsyD?
Effectiveness of debriefing
Nihm Refuted
Nihm's Law Only Perfect on the Average
Sue Doe Replies
The Polynomial Law
Earlier cognitive theorists
Epstein's self-theory undergoes an identity crisis
McKeachie Replies
New Dimensions in Psychodiagnostics
New dimensions in psychodiagnostics