Introduction to the special issue
Children in perspective
The American child and other cultural inventions
Parent, child, and reciprocal influences
Cross-cultural psychology's challenges to our ideas of children and development
The coherence of individual development
Identifying the problems and needs of our children
Contexts of child rearing
Maternal employment
Childbearing and child development
Child abuse
Childhood origins of psychopathology
Family experience and the child's development
Improving our knowledge of children's thought
Our developing knowledge of infant perception and cognition
Preschool thought
Metacognition and cognitive monitoring
Early childhood education and intervention
Reading instruction today
Effects of families on intellectual development
Emerging themes for social-emotional development
Infant-mother attachment
Paternal influences and the father's role
The social worlds of childhood
Emotional development
Development of moral thought, feeling, and behavior
Diagnostic and treatment services for children
Diagnosis of disturbed children
Critical conditions in infancy
Advances in child behavior therapy
Family theory and therapy
Research centers and social policy
Health care psychology
Psychology and social policy for children
Federal policies for research on children
Legislation, advocacy, and the rights of children and youth
Psychology and the juvenile justice system
Psychology, education, and schooling
Human diversity, pedagogy, and educational equity
Funding for children's services