Investigation and its discontents
On the permanence of stored information in the human brain
The psychological unconscious
Psychoanalytic therapy
Psychology, prescriptive grammar, and the pronoun problem
Psychology in the German Democratic Republic
Implications of representativeness for generalizability of field and laboratory research findings
Representativeness does have implications for the generalizability of laboratory and field research findings
The variance accounted for in meta-analysis of psychotherapy outcomes
E. G. Boring and his History of Experimental Psychology
E. G. Boring's perspective
E. G. Boring and Applied Psychology
Should we apologize for introspection?
A (Stubborn) Refusal to Return to Introspectionism
The Follow-Up of Research
When is a fallacy not a fallacy?
Inference and the interpretation of test scores
Test^trait fallacies
In defense of theory
A sign of healthy discontent