Introduction to the special issue
A primer of testing
On the scientific basis of ability testing
Validity, vaudeville, and values
Federal guidelines and professional standards
Testing and the law
The minimum competence movement
Bias in testing
Testing linguistic minorities
Coaching, test sophistication, and developed abilities
Psychological testing in educational classification and placement
Identification of the academically gifted
Tests and college admissions
The realities of employment testing
Employment testing
Testing for licensure and certification
The future of clinical assessment
Testing for children
The changed social context of testing
The logic and limits of mental aptitude testing
Testing and cognitive psychology
Theoretical partialing requires a defensible theory
Reply to McLaughlin
When not to comment
Psychology and the health systems agencies
“The variance accounted for in meta-analysis of psychotherapy outcomes”
Report to the Membership for the Year 1989 by the Secretary of the Universal Union of Meteorologists