About the human resources in psychology special issue
The employment of recent doctorate recipients in psychology : 1975 through 1978
Tenure status, academic rank, and new appointments in U.S. graduate departments of psychology
The employment of APA members
Women and minorities in psychology
Research Activities in Psychology : Funding and Human Resources
Health Service Providers in Psychology : Results of the 1978 APA Human Resources Survey
Licensed Psychologists on the Increase, 1974–1979
Licensed psychologists on the increase, 1974–1979
Obituary : Angus Campbell (1910–1980)
Self-fulfilling and self-sustaining prophecies and the behaviors that realize them
Citation impact, acceptance rate, and APA journals
Journal evaluations : Are they really evaluations of authors?
The near-death experience : Balancing Siegel's view
Fechner and his penname
Comments on “The psychology of life after death.”
“The psychology of life after death” : Reply
On the mitosis of JCPP
Sociobiology : Some general considerations