A sermon of sorts in three plus parts
Public and professional myths about mental hospitalization
Hospital Health Care Delivery
Psychology and the JCAH
Innovative projects earning psychologists spots on hospital health care teams
The psychologist and hospital policy
Commitment and cost control in the health care system
New Members and Associates of the American Psychological Association
APA-Approved Predoctoral Internships for Doctoral Training in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
APA-Approved Doctoral Programs in Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychology
APA Visiting Psychologist Program
APA Guidelines on Physical and Social Accessibility
Reports for 1982 of the Regional Associations
Consultants for 1982
Acknowledgment by the Committee on Accreditation
NIMH and prevention
Clarifying critical confusion in the Hawthorne hysteria
More Harvard humbug
More on adolescent pregnancy
Adolescent sexuality
Psychology and the “public arena.”
One-way experimentation does not prove one-way causation
Meaning of the situation to subjects
The behavior identity problem in generalizing from experiments
The defense that fails
The disease model is alive and well in Zygmunt Piotrowski
A disclaimer