Awards for Distinguished Scientific Contributions
Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky
Walter Mischel
Mark R. Rosenzweig
Robert M. Gagné
Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Psychology
Asher R. Pacht
Awards for Distinguished Professional Contributions
Carolyn R. Payton
Roy Schafer
Milton Theaman
Edward F. Zigler
Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest
Distinguished Scientific Awards for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology
Richard N. Aslin
David S. Krantz
Martha K. McClintock
American Psychological Foundation Awards for 1982
Psychology and public policy affecting children, youth, and families
Children and the Congress
The welfare of children and “the new federalism.”
The role of psychological research in the formation of policies affecting children
Translating research into policy for children
Infant day care and infant-care leaves
Psychology and primary health care for children
Toward “personhood” for adolescents
A researcher in the policy arena
Cicero and the state-trait theory of anxiety
Posttenure productivity
Using science citation analysis to evaluate administrative accountability for salary variance
On Sohn's accusations
Health psychology and the ashes of community psychology
Smoking, advertising, and psychology
Comment on Matarazzo's “Behavioral health's challenge . . .”
Addendum to “Consciousness.”
On Ardila's “International psychology.”
“International Psychology”
The behavior of nonpsychologists on research review committees
Promoting form at the expense of content
Improving quality of work life
E. L. Thorndike and the immediacy of reinforcement
News from the trenches