The 1954 Social Science Statement and school desegregation
Psychology's two cultures
A study of the “value” systems of behavioral scientists
Psychology, research, and social policy
Normal and normative ethics in behavioral sciences
U.S. psychology and world psychology
Dyads and triads at 35,000 feet
Child health policy
Securing the blessings of liberty for posterity
Adoption of children with special needs
Mental health services to children and adolescents
Orval Hobart Mowrer (1907–1982)
The misinterpretation of the Westinghouse study
The Orwellian difference model
Meeting the critics on their own terms
More than a musical error
Philosophy, psychology, and reality
Realism, pragmatism, and the implications of the new philosophy of science for psychology
The new philosophy of science
Biographical explanation is low-powered science
Implications for psychology
Psychological colloquia as exercises in impression management