Federal legislation recognizing psychology
The shame of American education
Standing out and standing in
Secondary control as a heterogeneous category
A significant stride toward the comparative study of control
Swapping recipes for control
On the conception, birth, and early development of school psychology
Psychology in United States medical schools
International Education in Psychology
The world beyond our borders
Cross-cultural psychology
Psychology in its world context
American psychologists and psychology abroad
Annotated bibliography of materials for adding an international dimension to undergraduate courses in developmental and social psychology
Academics, science, public policy
The current climate for federal support of academic research
A partnership in the national interest
Science and government
Trends in governmental and academic institutions affecting science
The new realities and federal support of science
Do the eyes have it? More on expert eyewitness testimony
Eyewitness identification and the local psychologist
Process and outcome considerations in juror evaluation of eyewitness testimony
Experimental psychology actually can assist triers of fact
The jury is still out
Pedagogue−−Paragon and Pariah−−20% of the Time