The Origins of the Psychological Experiment as a Social Institution
Recollections of Psychology at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York
Insiders, Outsiders, and Efficiency in a National Science Foundation Panel
The Potential Enrichment of Social/Personality Psychology Through Feminist Research and Vice Versa
Research Using Intentional Deception
Cognitive Psychology Meets the National Survey
The Evolution of Mental Metaphors in Psychology
Dieting and Binging
Prevention Perspectives
Recent History of Federal Initiatives in Prevention Policy
Health Promotion in the Workplace
Contributions of Health-Related Biobehavioral Research to the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases
New Members and Associates of the American Psychological Association
Anna Freud (1895–1982)
Charles W. Bray II (1904–1982)
The Federal Role in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
World Psychology and the Role of the Office of Naval Research
The Logical Consequences of the Common-Factor Definition of the Term Placebo
Comment on Critelli and Neumann's “The Placebo”
The Time-Released Placebo
Psychotherapy Effects
The Nature of Publications in Academic Vitae
A Little More on “When More Is Less”
APA Publications and the History of Psychology
On Intelligence Testing and Immigration Legislation
Quotes, Questions, and Standards for Historical Research
Intelligence Tests and the Immigration Act of 1924
Selective Amnesia in Search of Truth
Is Anybody Listening?
Psychology 1984 and Six Years Before
Setting New Trends