Constructing Psychology
DSM-III and the Politics of Truth
DSM-III and the Politics–Science Dichotomy Syndrome
Women as Authors and Editors of Psychological Journals
Psychology and the Threat of Nuclear War
Learning About Peace
The Day After
Psychological Equivalence
The Politics of Arms Control
William G. Chase (1940–1983)
Reply to Spitzer's “Politics–Science Dichotomy Syndrome”
A Critique of Whitehurst's “Interrater Agreement for Journal Manuscript Reviews”
On Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
Comment on Caplan
Understanding Masochism
The Persisting Concept of Masochism in Women
All's Well That Ends Well, But It's a Sad Tale That Begins at the End
All's Well That Begins and Ends With Both Knowledge and Process
Education and Thinking Skills Reconsidered
Nuclear Arms Escalation and the Role of Psychologists
Women and Publishing in Psychology
Determining the Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Employee Productivity
Psychopharmacology and the Mystery of The Moonstone