The Powers of John Barleycorn
Understanding and Preventing Relapse
Etiology of Alcoholism Reconsidered
Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment
The Case Against Suicide Prevention
Approach, Avoidance, and Coping With Stress
The Two Faces of Gestalt Psychology
The Prevention of Mental—Emotional Disabilities
A Conversation With Rosalynn Carter
Starke Rosecrans Hathaway (1903–1984)
Comment on Summary Report of Journal Operations
Let's Look at the Record
A Different View of the Meaning of the Record
Comment on Hyland
Psychological Research and the Rights of Animals
Comment on Rollin
On Rollin
Researcher Responsibilities, Not Animal Rights
Rollin's Article May Condone Immorality
Rollin's Article May Condone Immorality
The Passion in Justice
Unsuccessful Redefinitions of the Term Placebo