Awards for Distinguished Scientific Contributions
Robert P. Abelson
Gunnar Johansson
Robert A. Rescorla
Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Psychology
Martin T. Orne
Distinguished Scientific Awards for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology
Philip E. Tetlock
David R. Williams
Steven Penrod
Awards for Distinguished Professional Contributions
Patrick H. DeLeon
Nadine Lambert
Wilbert E. Fordyce
Edward Zigler
Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest
John Janeway Conger
Stanley Sue
American Psychological Foundation Awards for 1986
Psychological Science Gold Medal Award
Psychological Professional Gold Medal Award
Contribution by a Psychologist in the Public Interest Gold Medal Award
Distinguished Teaching in Psychology
Distinguished Contribution to Education in Psychology
National Psychology Awards for Excellence in the Media
The Drive for Power and the Nuclear Arms Race
The Clashing of Symbols
The Structure of Conflict
The Impossibility of Achieving Consistently Good Mental Health
Specific and Nonspecific Factors in the Effectiveness of a Treatment System
Sin, Sickness, or Status?
Francis W. Irwin (1905–1985)
Sarah Carolyn Fisher (1889–1985)
Author Reactions to the Manuscript Revision Process
Issues in Preparing an Edited Volume in Psychology
Comment on Roediger
Suggestions to Improve Articles Published in Professional Journals
We Need Research on What Constitutes Good Journal Papers—and Good Editing—Not Guesswork on How to Improve Manuscripts!
A Reply to Cummings
Resistance to Brief Therapy
Cognitive and Affective Components of Reinforcement
Practitioner Training
A Clinical Psychology Minor
Attitudes of Academic and Applied Clinical Psychologists Toward Training Issues
Hearing the Horror