Early Interactions Between Animal Psychologists and Animal Activists and the Founding of the APA Committee on Precautions in Animal Experimentation
Mediationism and the Obfuscation of Memory
How Social an Animal?
Use of Inpatient Mental Health Services by Members of Ethnic Minority Groups
Rational Choice Theory
The Women's Mental Health Research Agenda
Mental Health Effects of Women's Multiple Roles
Poverty and Women's Mental Health
Ethical Principles of Psychologists
S. Howard Bartley (1901–1988)
Victor Raimy (1913–1987)
Reply to Pope and Bajt
When Laws and Values Conflict
Animal Facilities Survey
Solving Graduate Education Problems in Psychology and Leaving Our Children Barefoot
If the Null Hypothesis Is Impossible, Why Test It?
Methodological Versus Empirical Literature
Understanding AIDS Developmentally
Advances in Children's Mental Health
In Support of Saxe, Cross, and Silverman