Awards for Distinguished Scientific Contributions
Mary D. Salter Ainsworth and John Bowlby
Mary D. Salter Ainsworth
John Bowlby
J. Douglas Carroll
Richard S. Lazarus
Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Psychology
Aaron T. Beck
Distinguished Scientific Awards for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology
Donald D. Hoffman
John A. Bargh
Ruth Kanfer
Thomas K. Srull
Awards for Distinguished Professional Contributions
James Garbarino
Florence W. Kaslow
Patrick H. DeLeon
Allen E. Bergin
Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest
Emory L. Cowen
William Bevan
Leonard Saxe
Award for Distinguished Contributions to Research in Public Policy
Charles A. Kiesler
Awards for Distinguished Education and Training Contributions
Distinguished Career Contribution to Education and Training in Psychology
Distinguished Contribution to Education and Training in Psychology
Internal Versus External Control of Reinforcement
On the Formation and Regulation of Anger and Aggression
Dynamic Operations of Thought Systems
Gender and Relationships
Psychology at a Crossroads
Psychology in the Public Interest
Psychology and Death
Is Solo Practice Really Dead?
Milton Rokeach (1918–1988)
Lyle Hicks Lanier (1903–1988)
A Personal Commentary on “Schizophrenia as a Brain Disease”
Schizophrenia Is Usually Psychogenic
A History of Teaching Machines
20,000 Psychologists
Limitations of the Heritability Coefficient as an Index of Genetic and Environmental Influences on Human Behavior
Comment on Kimble
Hypothetico-Deductivism Is a Fraud
Comment on Kimble's Generalism
Kimble and Behaviorism
Psychology From the Standpoint of a Generalist
To Be or Ought to Be? That Is the Question
On the Advantages of Reporting Sex Comparisons
Stressing or Depressing?