Awards for Distinguished Scientific Contributions
John A. Swets
Anne Treisman
Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Psychology
Distinguished Scientific Awards for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology
Dennis P. Phillips
Daniel L. Schacter
Awards for Distinguished Professional Contributions
Manfred John Meier
Henry Tomes
Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest
David T. Lykken
Award for Distinguished Contributions to Research in Public Policy
Awards for Distinguished Education and Training Contributions
Henry C. Ellis
National Psychology Awards for Excellence in the Media
Gold Medal Awards for Life Achievement
Joseph Zubin
Leona E. Tyler
An Ethological Approach to Personality Development
Toward a New Paradigm for the Study of Multiattribute Choice Behavior
Cognition and Motivation in Emotion
Cognitive Therapy
What Children Can Tell Us About Living in Danger
Prescription Privileges
Values and Religious Issues in Psychotherapy and Mental Health
In Pursuit of Wellness
Changes in General Hospital Psychiatric Care, 1980–1985
Connection and Disconnection of Research and Practice in the Education of Professional Psychologists
Roles of the American Psychological Association and the Veterans Administration in the Development of Internships in Psychology
Peter A. Bertocci (1910–1989)
Ernest J. McCormick (1911–1990)