Awards for Distinguished Scientific Contributions
Paul Ekman
Patricia S. Goldman-Rakic
Richard E. Nisbett
Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Psychology
Joseph V. Brady
Distinguished Scientific Awards for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology
Kent C. Berridge
Susan A. Gelman
Randy J. Larsen
Awards for Distinguished Professional Contributions
Joseph D. Matarazzo
W. Grant Dahlstrom
Stanley R. Graham
José Szapocznik
Oliva M. Espin
Awards for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology in the Public Interest
Susan T. Fiske
Evelyn Hooker
Award for Distinguished Contributions to Research in Public Policy
Shari Seidman Diamond
Awards for Distinguished Education and Training Contributions
Arthur N. Wiens
Dalmas A. Taylor
Mental Disorder and Violent Behavior
The Science of Choosing the Right Decision Threshold in High-Stakes Diagnostics
Challenging Established Views on Social Issues
The Relationship of Research to Clinical Practice
Modern Clinical Neuropsychology in Historical Perspective
Understanding Implicit Memory
Graduate Education in Psychology
Giving Advice
Robert H. Felix (1904–1990)
John Todd Wilson (1914–1990)