Basic Behavioral Science Research for Mental Health
Animal Research in Psychology
Citations for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution
The Future of Psychology
The Information-Processing Theory of Mind
Benefits of Competency-Based Treatment Programs
Client as Colleague
Preparation of Applications for Academic Positions in Psychology
Harold M. Proshansky (1920–1990)
Julius Wishner (1921–1993)
Psychology's Ethics of Belief
Belief Versus Faith
Integrating Psychological Science and Religion
Religion and Science Are Mutually Exclusive
Can Religion Be Used as a Science in Psychotherapy?
Psychology and Religion
Do We Need a New Degree for Mental Health Care Providers?
A PsyD for Every Practitioner
PsyD, PhD
The PsyD to Distinguish Practitioners in Psychology
A PhD Degree for Every Researcher/Scientist
Nix on the Proposed PsyD for Every Practitioner
A PsyD Degree for Every Practitioner