Intelligence : Knowns and Unknowns
Consciousness and Metacognition
Cultural–Societal Roots of Violence : The Examples of Genocidal Violence and of Contemporary Youth Violence in the United States
Basic Behavioral Science Research for Mental Health : Perception, Attention, Learning, and Memory
Human Response to Environmental Noise : Psychological Research and Public Policy
Alan O. Ross (1921–1993)
Guy Thomas Buswell (1891–1994)
Comparing Women and Men : What Is Being Compared and Why?
Bias in the Assessment of Gender Differences
Politics or Science? : The Question of Gender Sameness/Difference
Male–Female Differences : A Computer Simulation
Differences Between Women and Men : Their Magnitude, Practical Importance, and Political Meaning
Buss and Sexual Selection : The Issue of Culture
Evolutionary Psychology and the Search for Sex Differences
Paternity Uncertainty and the Complex Repertoire of Human Mating Strategies
Chi-Square Can Engender Confusion