National Research Agenda for Prevention Research
Institute of Medicine Report on Prevention of Mental Disorders
Coming of Age of Prevention Science
Reducing Risks of Mental Disorders
Revolutions and Counterrevolutions in Prevention
Dynamic Touch
Detrimental Effects of Reward
Attitudes Toward the Use of Animals in Psychological Research and Education
Arthur T. Jersild (1902–1994)
Albert Francis Ax (1913–1994)
Animal Rights, a Bitten Apple
A Test of the Declining Interest Hypothesis
MAXCOV Pseudotaxonicity
Environmental Psychology
The Paradigm of Environmental Psychology
Bridging the Theoretical and Applied Facets of Environmental Psychology
Improving the Journal Review Process
A Perspective on the Journal Review Process
Reflections on Enhancing Accountability in the Peer Review Process
Enhance the Journals, Not the Review Process
Improving the Journal Review Process and the Risk of Making the Poor Poorer