Prevention of Sexual Aggression
In Praise of the Null Hypothesis Statistical Test
Depression and Gender
Correction to “APA-Accredited Predoctoral Internships for Doctoral Training in Psychology: 1996”
Reasoning and Learning by Analogy
The Analogical Mind
Structure Mapping in Analogy and Similarity
Educational Implications of Analogy
Frederick Duane Sheffield (1914–1994)
Allen L. Edwards (1914–1994)
Race, IQ, and the APA Report on The Bell Curve
Evading the Controversy
The Rise in IQ Scores
Some Questions About the Results of the Abecedarian Early Intervention Project Cited by the APA Task Force on Intelligence
The Heritability of Intelligence
Direct Evidence for a Genetic Basis for Black–White Differences in IQ
Intelligence and Lead
Methodological Errors in the Prediction of Ability
Significant Neglected Sociocultural and Physical Factors Affecting Intelligence
“The Genetic Hypothesis”
Never a Dull Moment