The Past and Future of U.S. Prison Policy
Universality of Vocational Interest Structure Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Ethnic Conflict
The Psychocultural Roots of Genocide
The Conflict in Northern Ireland
Psychological Dynamics of Intractable Ethnonational Conflicts
Sri Lanka
Ethnic Conflict and the Psychology of Liberation in Guatemala, Peru, and Puerto Rico
Amos Tversky (1937–1996)
Robert Stevens Harper (1922–1996)
The Inscrutable Null Hypothesis
Significance Testing
In Praise of Value Judgments in Null Hypothesis Testing … and of “Accepting” the Null Hypothesis
In Criticism of the Null Hypothesis Statistical Test
In Praise of Brilliance
Model Fitting
A Further Look at Wrong Reasons to Abandon Statistical Testing
In Defense of Deception
The Reality of Deception
Deception Can Be Acceptable
The Question Remains