A Tale of Two Visions
The Cinderella of Psychology
Psychology and Phenomenology
Examining the Personal–Professional Distinction
Race and Genetics
Douglas N. Jackson (1929–2004)
George P. Taylor VIII (1936–2004)
Dale Francis Lott (1933–2004)
James McBride Dabbs Jr. (1937–2004)
David Ihilevich (1935–2004)
Philip Joseph Bersh (1921–2004)
Relapse Prevention Needs More Emphasis on Interpersonal Factors
Emphasis on Interpersonal Factors in a Dynamic Model of Relapse
Definitions and Omissions of Heroism
Comparing the Heroism of Women and Men
Psychology Needs Realism, Not Instrumentalism
Ontological and Epistemic Claims of Realism and Instrumentalism
The Scientific Denial of the Real and the Dialectic of Scientism and Humanism
Scientific Symbiosis Represents the Mutual Benefit of Iteratively Adopting the Perspective of Realism and Instrumentalism
Giving Psychology Away Is Expensive
On the Cover