Michael S. Gazzaniga
Janellen Huttenlocher
Coding Location
Hazel Rose Markus
Pride, Prejudice, and Ambivalence
John L. Holland
John J. Curtin
Elissa Sarah Epel
Linda C. Gallo
Samuel D. Gosling
Jodi Anne Quas
Joshua B. Tenenbaum
Philip G. Zimbardo
Rebecca Campbell
The Psychological Impact of Rape Victims' Experiences With the Legal, Medical, and Mental Health Systems
Janet E. Helms
Implications for Social Policy of Variability in Racial Groups' Test Scores
Rex Lloyd Forehand
The Art and Science of Mentoring in Psychology
Richard E. Mayer
Applying the Science of Learning
Rebecca B. Price
Richard Rogers
A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing… Emerging Miranda Research and Professional Roles for Psychologists
Grady Dale Jr.
The Single Practitioner and Community Engagement
Maryam M. Jernigan
Puncky Paul Heppner
Expanding the Conceptualization and Measurement of Applied Problem Solving and Coping
Joseph Orlando Prewitt Diaz
Integrating Psychosocial Programs in Multisector Responses to International Disasters
Gundelina Almario Velazco
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