Replicating Milgram
The Power of the Situation
Reflections on “Replicating Milgram” ( Burger, 2009)
Change Over Time in Obedience
Obedience Lite
From New Haven to Santa Clara
Lorrin Andrews Riggs (1912-2008)
Ruth Hubbard Cousins (1920-2007)
Austin Jackson Jernigan (1921-2008)
John Henry Jackson (1922-2008)
Carl Ward Backman (1923-2008)
John F. Chaves (1941-2008)
Ramifications of Increased Training in Quantitative Methodology
Improving Training in Methodology Enriches the Science of Psychology
Excellence in Socio-Technical Teamwork Requires Both Cognitive and Emotional Bonding
Evolutionary Game Theory and Leadership
Despotism, Democracy, and the Evolutionary Dynamics of Leadership and Followership
On the Cover