Can Imagined Interactions Produce Positive Perceptions?
Public Health Significance of Neuroticism
Prescriptive Authority and Psychology
Jacqueline C. Bouhoutsos (1924-2008)
Donald H. Kausler (1927-2008)
Charles Wenar (1922-2008)
Russell Julian Bent (1929-2008)
Missing Mechanism Information
Using Qualitative Research to Develop Culturally Competent Evidence-Based Practice
When We Research “Conditions-Treatments,” Is There a Misnomer?
Bridging Science and Practice to Improve Patient Care
(Over and) Beyond High-Stakes Testing
Being Creative With the Predictors and Criteria for Success
The Absence of Underprediction Does Not Imply the Absence of Measurement Bias
Defense of Tests Prevents Objective Consideration of Validity and Fairness
Responses to Issues Raised About Validity, Bias, and Fairness in High-Stakes Testing
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