Why Confessions Trump Innocence
Corrections and Updates to Kassin (2012)
The Overview of Reviews
Disruptive Innovations for Designing and Diffusing Evidence-Based Interventions
Group Therapist as Social Scientist, With Special Reference to the Psychodynamically Oriented Psychotherapist
Howard H. Kendler (1919–2011)
Ulric Neisser (1928–2012)
Albert H. Hastorf III (1921–2011)
Herbert M. Lefcourt (1936–2011)
Jeri Altneu Sechzer (1926–2011)
James Hillman (1926–2011)
John M. Neale (1943–2011)
An Alternative to Thought Suppression?
Knowing What We Do Not Know About Sexual Orientation Change Efforts
Science Meets Practice in Determining Effectiveness of Sexual Orientation Change Efforts
No Narrowing in Mean Black–White IQ Differences—Predicted by Heritable g
Ability Differentials Between Nations Are Unlikely to Disappear
The Growing Significance of Hot Intelligences
Group Differences in IQ Are Best Understood as Environmental in Origin
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