Professional Psychology in Health Care Services
An Integrative Process Model of Leadership
Beyond Storm and Stress
Color-Blind Racial Ideology
George A. Miller (1920–2012)
David L. Rosenhan (1929–2012)
Robert (Bob) L. Helmreich (1937–2012)
Robert M. Guion (1924–2012)
Mollie Stevens Smart (1916–2012)
Robert Spurlin Waldrop (1912–2012)
Mortimer Herbert Appley (1921–2012)
Lynn Theresa Pantano (1949–2013)
Social Justice and the Politics of Recognition
Evidence-Based Interventions Need to Be More Systematic, Not More Disruptive
Iterative Quality Improvement Can Occur Faster Than One Element at a Time
How Big Is the Competent Community? And Who Gets In?
Infusing Psychology Ethics With a Communitarian Approach
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