Expertise in Psychotherapy
Psychologists in Medical Schools and Academic Medical Centers
Mind the Gap
Psychology and Social Networks
Guidelines for Prevention in Psychology
Charles Donald Spielberger (1927–2013)
Hedda Bolgar (1909–2013)
Marvin Reznikoff (1925–2013)
Ian Porteous Howard (1927–2013)
Irving Aaron Jacobs (1929–2013)
Jule Dewayne Moravec (1933–2013)
Frederick R. Wickert (1912–2013)
Gerald W. Lynch (1937–2013)
Violent Media Games and Aggression—Is It Really Time for a Mea Culpa?
Supreme Court Decision on Violent Video Games Was Based on the First Amendment, Not Scientific Evidence
A Way Forward for Video Game Violence Research
Racism Inflation
The Real Meaning of Color-Blind Racial Ideology
The Reality of Racism Based on the Illusion of “Race”
“Perceived” Discrimination as an Example of Color-Blind Racial Ideology’s Influence on Psychology
Why Racial Color-Blindness Is Myopic
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