Editorial : Harm Reduction--A Framework for Incorporating Science into Drug Policy
Editorial : The Natural History of Substance Use as a Guide to Setting Drug Policy
Editorial : Interdisciplinary Centers for Tobacco-Related Cancer Research--A Health Policy Issue
Annotation : Alcohol and Longevity
Editorial : Drug Regulation and Drug Information--Who Should Do What to Whom?
Dietary Intake among Mexican-American Women : Generational Differences and a Comparison with White Non-Hispanic Women
The Relationship between Structural and Health Services Variables and State-Level Infant Mortality in the United States
Fecal Contamination in Child Day Care Centers : Cloth vs Paper Diapers
Trends in Cigarette Smoking among US Adolescents, 1974 through 1991
The Natural History of Drug Use from Adolescence to the Mid-Thirties in a General Population Sample
Estimating the Costs of Substance Abuse to the Medicaid Hospital Care Program
Trends in the Treatment of Alcohol Problems in the US General Population, 1979 through 1990
What If Americans Drank Less? The Potential Effect on the Prevalence of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence
Menthol vs Nonmenthol Cigarettes : Effects on Smoking Behavior
Characteristics Associated with Excessive Weight Gain after Smoking Cessation in Men
Facial Wrinkling in Men and Women, by Smoking Status
Heroin Use during Methadone Maintenance Treatment : The Importance of Methadone Dose and Cocaine Use
Farm-Related Fatalities among Children in California, 1980 to 1989
Daylight Saving Time and Motor Vehicle Crashes : The Reduction in Pedestrian and Vehicle Occupant Fatalities
Compliance with the 1992 California Motorcycle Helmet Use Law
World War II-Veteran Male Twins Who Are Discordant for Alcohol Consumption : 24-Year Mortality
The Impact of Drug-Related Deaths on Mortality among Young Adults in Madrid
Drug Abuse Treatment Experience and HIV Risk Behaviors among Active Drug Injectors in Ohio
Revisiting "The Origins of Compulsory Drug Prescriptions"
Current Trends in Tobacco Use on Prime-Time Fictional Television
Use of Smokeless Tobacco in the World Series, 1986 through 1993
Excess Mortality in Smokeless Tobacco Users Not Meaningful
Bolinder and Alfredsson Respond
Mortality among Injection Drug Users Identified as "Out of Treatment"
Public Health and Medicine
The Editor Responds
The Key Role of Nurses in Local Health Departments
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
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