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Emerging Diseases and Ecosystem Instability
Seven Chronic Conditions
Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation (COMMIT)
Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation (COMMIT)
Changes in Adult Cigarette Smoking in the Minnesota Heart Health Program
Take Heart
Integrating Smoking Cessation into Routine Public Prenatal Care
Gender Differences in Smoking Cessation after 3 Years in the Lung Health Study
Making the Most of a Teachable Moment
Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Adults in 16 States
The Association between Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Dietary Fat in American Adults
Serial Mass-Media Campaigns to Promote Physical Activity
Home Pesticide Use and Childhood Cancer
The Limits of Thresholds
Community Incorporation of Quit and Win Contests in Bloomington, Minnesota
A Collaborative Regional Model for Obstetrical Care in New York State
The Perceived Needs of Child Care Center Directors in Preventing Injuries and Infectious Diseases
Day Care, Infant Feeding, and Ear Infections
Hardy and Fowler Respond
What Does a Decline in Child Pedestrian Injury Rates Mean?
Davidson and Colleagues Respond
More on Folic Acid and Neural Tube Defects
Beresford Responds
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
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