Topics for Our Times
Politics and Practice
Health and Social Characteristics and Children's Cognitive Functioning
The Administrative Prevalence of Mental Retardation in 10-Year-Old Children in Metropolitan Atlanta, 1985 through 1987
Mild Mental Retardation in Black and White Children in Metropolitan Atlanta
Variation in the Influence of Selected Sociodemographic Risk Factors for Mental Retardation
The Risk of Assaultive Violence and Alcohol Availability in Los Angeles County
Care Denied
Access to Hospitals with High-Technology Cardiac Services
Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Use of Invasive Cardiac Procedures among Cardiac Patients in Los Angeles County, 1986 through 1988
Access to Neonatal Intensive Care for Low-Birthweight Infants
Obstetrical Judgments of Viability and Perinatal Survival of Extremely Low Birthweight Infants
Physician Characteristics Associated with Decisions to Withdraw Life Support
The Professional Structure of Soviet Medical Care
Extended Coverage for Preventive Services for the Elderly
Preventive Services for the Elderly
The Changing Epidemiology of Invasive Bacterial Infections in Massachusetts Children, 1984 through 1991
Passive and Active Maternal Smoking as Measured by Serum Cotinine
Vaccine Use and the Risk of Outbreaks in a Sample of Nursing Homes during an Influenza Epidemic
The Effect of US Children's Access to Care on Medical Attention for Injuries
State Legislative Strategies to Improve the Supply and Distribution of Generalist Physicians, 1985 to 1992
The Accuracy of Siblings' Family History Reports of Thyroid and Other Cancers
Magico-Religious Mercury Use and Cultural Sensitivity
Trans Fatty Acid and Coronary Disease
Trans Fatty Acid and Coronary Disease
Trans Fatty Acid and Coronary Disease
Trans Fatty Acid and Coronary Disease
Violence and Personal Responsibility
Christoffel Responds
Beaver Dam Eye Study Questioned
Health Care Reform
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
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