The Need to Restore the Public Health Base for Environmental Control
Epidemiology and Quantitative Risk Assessment
The Economic Value of Contraception
DDE and Shortened Duration of Lactation in a Northern Mexican Town
Home Hazards and Falls in the Elderly
Agent Orange and the Vietnamese
Cancer Mortality Risk among Military Participants of a 1958 Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Test
Childhood Lead Poisoning in Massachusetts Communities
Mortality among Navajo Uranium Miners
The Role of Psychological Distress and Personality in the Incidence of Sciatic Pain among Working Men
Ocular and Dermatologic Health Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure from the Ozone Hole in Southern Chile
The Antecedents of Teen Fatherhood
Random-Digit Dialing for Control Selection in Childhood Cancer Studies
Objectively Measuring Physical Ability in Elderly Persons
Eighteen-Month Incidence of Tooth Loss among Older Adults in North Carolina
The Rapid Implementation of a Statewide Emergency Health Information System during the 1993 Iowa Flood
Radium-Bearing Pipe Scale Deposits
Water Chlorination and Lipo- and Apolipoproteins
Measuring Chemical Sensitivity Prevalence
Go Tell It on the Mountain
Beyond State Regulation of Child Care
Pediatric HIV infection in Elista, Russia
The Location of Residence as a Basis for Childhood Lead Poisoning Screening Programs
School-to-Work Opportunities Act
The Quality of Proxy-Respondent Data in NCHS Surveys
Pless Responds
The Role of Gender Relations in HIV Prevention Research for Women
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
Indicative Abstracts of Selected Titles (See preceding book list for bibliographic information)