Topics for Our Times
Policy as Intervention
Tobacco Industry Smokers' Rights Publications
Reducing Cigarette Consumption in California
Excess Mortality among Cigarette Smokers
Socioeconomic Indicators and Mortality from Coronary Heart Disease and Cancer
Sociodemographic and Psychosocial Factors in Childhood as Predictors of Adult Mortality
Child Morbidity and Mortality following Vitamin A Supplementation in Ghana
Associations of Peptic Ulcer and Gastric Cancer with Other Diseases in US Veterans
Chronic Liver Disease Mortality in the United States, 1979 through 1989
Improving the E Coding of Hospitalizations for Injury
Trends in State Agency Oral Health and Public Health Expenditures, 1984 through 1989
The Effect of Passenger Load on Unstable Vehicles in Fatal, Untripped Rollover Crashes
Occupational Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Italian Health Care Workers
Pediatric Mortality and Hospital Use in Canada and the United States, 1971 through 1987
Apolipoprotein E and Alzheimer's Disease
Social Inequality and Death as Illustrated in Late-Medieval Death Dances
Listeriosis in Minnesota, January 1986 through May 1988
Two Techniques for Evaluating the Accuracy of Record Linkages
Evaluating the Performance of Local Health Agencies
2. The 10 Public Health Practices vs the 10 Public Health Services
3. Miller Responds
Motivating Physicians to Provide Smoking Cessation Treatment
Do HIV Testing and Counseling Increase Risk Behavior?
Assessing Exposure to Carcinogens in Drinking Water
Koivusalo and Colleagues Respond
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
Indicative Abstracts of Selected Titles (See preceding book list for bibliographic information)