A Short-Term Consumer Agenda for Health Care Reform
Health Policy Approaches to Measuring and Valuing Human Life
Ambient Air Pollution and Hospitalization for Congestive Heart Failure among Elderly People in Seven Large US Cities
Women at a Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic Who Reported Same-Sex Contact
Silicosis among Gold Miners
Accounting for Cluster Randomization
Health Services Access and Use among Older Adults in North Carolina
State Health Care Expenditures under Competition and Regulation, 1980 through 1991
Health Indicators and the Organization of Health Care Systems in Western Europe
The Challenge of Defining and Counting Generalist Physicians
Alberta's Universal Dental Plan for the Elderly
Increasing Medicaid Child Health Screenings
Subclinical Health Effects in a Population Exposed to Excess Vitamin D in Milk
Abortions in Rural Idaho
The Effectiveness of Alternative Planned Durations of Residential Drug Abuse Treatment
The Quality of Psychiatric Emergency Evaluations and Patient Outcomes in County Hospitals
Treating Early-Stage Breast Cancer
Attitudes toward Genetic Testing for Colon Cancer Risk
Rationing Health Care and the Need for Credible Scarcity
Encouraging Mammography Use among Underserved Women through a Celebration of Breast Health
A Communitywide Needle/Syringe Disposal Program
Integrating Indicators into a Public Health Quality Improvement System
Promoting Healthy Eating
Smoking Cessation Counseling during Routine Public Prenatal Care
Kendrick and Colleagues Respond
Back Pain and Risk of Suicide among Finnish Farmers
Prevalence, Promotion, and Person
The Origins of Health Standards for Quartz Exposure
Markowitz and Rosner Respond
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
Indicative Abstracts of Selected Titles (See preceding book list for bibliographic information)
Learning from Ryle