Prison Health
The Defeat of Health Care Reform
US Adults' Fruit and Vegetable Intakes, 1989 to 1991
The Diversion of Mentally Ill Persons from Jails to Community-Based Services
Psychosocial Factors in Maternal Phenylketonuria
Childhood Risk Factors for Homelessness and Homeless Adults
Tobacco Information in Two Grade School Newsweeklies
Moderate Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Psychomotor Development at Preschool Age
New York City's 1993 Child Immunization Day
A Model for Estimating the Impact of Changes in Children's Vaccines
The Tracking of Nutrient Intake in Young Children
Fluoride Exposure and Childhood Osteosarcoma
Victimization Prevention Programs for Children
The Availability of Low-Fat Milk in an Inner-City Latino Community
Inhaled and Oral Corticosteriods
Changes in Perinatal Cocaine Use in an Inner-City Hospital, 1988 to 1992
Correlates of High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Black Girls and White Girls
Aerobic Fitness, Blood Lipids, and Body Fat in Children
The Reporting Sensitivities of Two Passive Surveillance Systems for Vaccine Adverse Events
Teaching and Reinforcing Hygienic Practices in Child Care Centers
Causes of Death in Florida Prisons
The Reliability of Cigarette Consumption Reports by Spousal Proxies
Is Public Health Credentialing Necessary?
Livingood and Colleagues Respond
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
Indicative Abstracts of Selected Titles (See preceding book list for bibliographic information)