Directive Counseling on Long-Acting Contraception
Reducing Alcohol-Impaired Driving in Massachusetts
Age-Related Changes in Total and High-Density--Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Elderly Dutch Men
Aiding Troubled Employees
The Cost of Prematurity
Prenatal Hospitalization and Compliance with Guidelines for Prenatal Care
Pregnancy Outcomes of US-Born and Foreign-Born Japanese Americans
The Risk of Prematurity and Small-for-Gestational-Age Birth in Mexico City
The Association between Cesarean Delivery and Breast-Feeding Outcomes among Mexican Women
Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
Vaginal Douching and Reduced Fertility
What Proportion of Multiple Births Are Due to Ovulation Induction? A Register-Based Study in Italy
Risk Factors for Hazardous Substance Releases That Result in Injuries and Evacuations
Risk Factors Self-Reported Uterine Fibroids
Liability for Managed Care Decisions
Prematurity as a Public Health Problem
De Madres a Madres
Improving Access to Prenatal Care in Vermont
Decreasing Premature Norplant Removals among Low-Income Recipients
Florida Goes Statewide with Alcohol Health Warning Signs
Local Research and Legal Advocacy for the Medically Indigent in Orange County, California
A Prison Release Program for HIV-Positive Women
DDE and Insufficient Breast Milk
Gladen and Rogan Respond
Native Hawaiian Mortality, 1980 and 1990
The Need for Adolescent Health Education and Training among Health Professionals
The CDC's Proposed Revision of Polio Immunization Policy
Reduce Drunk Driving for Everyone's Sake
Foss and Colleagues Respond
Estimating the Prevalence of Women with Breast Implants
Terry and Colleagues Respond
Nonfatal Injuries among US Children
Scheidt and Colleagues Respond
Books Recently Published in the Field of Public Health
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