Editorial : The Road from Management Care
Editorial : Janus Considers the HIV Pandemic-Harnessing Recent Advances to Enhance AIDS Prevention
Comment : Health Insurance Coverage of Foreign-Born US Residents-The Implications of the New Welfare Reform Law
The Impact of the Economic Crisis and the US Embargo on Health in Cuba
Federal Public Health, Semi-Reinvented
Antigovernment Sentiment and Support for Universal Access to Care : Are They Incompatible?
Maternal Smoking during Pregnancy and Limb Reduction Malformations in Sweden
Reproductive History, Socioeconomic Status, and Self-Reported Health Status of Women Aged 50 Years or Older
Adaptive Responses among Dutch Elderly : The Impact of Eight Chronic Medical Conditions on Health-Related Quality of Life
Physical Activity in a Multiethnic Population of Third Graders in Four States
The Effect of School Dropout Rates on Estimates of Adolescent Substance Use among Three Racial/Ethnic Groups
The Validity of Self-Reports of Smoking : Analyses by Race/Ethnicity in a School Sample of Urban Adolescents
Substance Use in the US College-Age Population : Differences according to Educational Status and Living Arrangement
Sex Trading and Psychological Distress among Women Recruited from the Streets of Harlem
Mortality and Cancer Incidence among Sawmill Workers Exposed to Chlorophenate Wood Preservatives
Primary Care Case Management and Birth Outcomes in the Iowa Medicaid Program
Access to Maternity Care in Rural Washington : Its Effect on Neonatal Outcomes and Resource Use
Determinants of US Local Health Department Expenditures, 1992 through 1993
Health Insurance Coverage among Foreign-Born US Residents : The Impact of Race, Ethnicity, and Length of Residence
Hospital Nurses' Occupational Exposure to Blood : Prospective, Retrospective, and Institutional Reports
Correlates of Tobacco Use among Native American Women in Western North Carolina
The Readability of HIV/AIDS Educational Materials Targeted to Drug Users
Can Herd Immunity Influence the Assessment of Vaccine Efficacy in Nonrandomized Studies?
The Validity of Recalled Birthweight in Developing Countries
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