Topics for Our Times
Topics for Our Times
Adverse Outcomes of Planned and Unplanned Pregnancies among Users of Natural Family Planning
Interspecialty Differences in the Obstetric Care of Low-Risk Women
Cocaine Use during Pregnancy
The Early Use of Alcohol and Tobacco
Unmet Health Care Needs and Mortality among Spanish Elderly
Living Arrangements, Changes in Living Arrangements, and Survival among Community Dwelling Older Adults
Disability in Activities of Daily Living
The Great Efficacy of Personal and Equipment Assistance in Reducing Disability
Characteristics of Older Pedestrians Who Have Difficulty Crossing the Street
The Effect of Hip Fracture on Mortality, Hospitalization, and Functional Status
Inappropriate Drug Prescriptions for Elderly Residents of Board and Care Facilities
Decreasing Smoking Prevalence during Pregnancy in Sweden
Very-Low-Birthweight Infants and Income Incongruity among African American and White Parents in Chicago
Health Care Seeking Behaviors Related to Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Adolescents
Condom Breakage and Slippage during Heterosexual Intercourse
Strategies to Improve the Reporting of Legal Blindness Massachusetts
Weak Associations between Hospital Mortality Rates for Individual Diagnoses
The Health Status of Elderly Persons in the Last Year of Life
US Trends in Disability and Institutionalization among Older Blacks and Whites
An Increasing Prevalence of Hearing Impairment and Associated Risk Factors over Three Decades of the Alameda County Study
The Effect of Postmenopausal Estrogen Therapy on the Risk of Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
Controlling Tobacco Advertising
South Africa's Early Experiment in Social Medicine
Pertussis Containment in Schools and Day Care Centers during the Cincinnati Epidemic of 1993
Community Mobilization for Preschool Immunizations
Providing Legal Services to Vulnerable Populations through a Clinic-Law Firm Collaboration
The Health and Housing Fellows Program
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Gasoline-Powered Engines
The Duration of the Effect of Vitamin A Supplementation
Ross and Colleagues Respond
Underwood Responds
HIV/AIDS Surveillance in Italy
Oral Sex, Crack Smoking, and HIV Infection among Female Sex Workers Who Do Not Inject Drugs
New Titles and Selected Abstracts
New Titles and Selected Abstracts